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Nothing says Spring to me like the return of awesome fruits and even better candy. Have you ever noticed that during winter depending on where you live the only interesting fruits out there are apples? So I always know that Spring is on the way when the variety of fruits at the grocery store increases… and jelly beans return. So what do these new Chapsticks make me think of? SPRING AND EATING OF COURSE.

Chapstick Spring 2014
Chapstick Spring 2014
Citrus Jelly Bean, Pomegranate Gumdrop

Chapstick Citrus Jelly Bean

Chapstick Pomegranate Gumdrop

I love the fact that these are true to the Chapstick formulation and moisturize your lips without being greasy. These are the best guilt free way to enjoy all the delicious summer treats…although I warn against wearing these to bed. Citrus Jelly Bean smells like melted orange popsicles or Orange Push Pops (remember those?). Pomegranate Gumdrop smells like a sugared cherry. I wore Citrus Jelly Bean to bed the other night and all I had were dreams about various foods involving oranges. True Story.

These will be available for a limited time at CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart beginning March 1st. Get your Easter baskets ready folks!

The ChapStick® product and information have been provided by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare.
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Brittney B
10 years ago

Looks yummy! I have their limited edition one from the winter (Gingerbread–mmmm!) and I adore it! These look just as promising- can’t wait to get my hands on them!
x Ali

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