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It’s no secret that your skin, makeup, and hair need special attention when the weather gets cooler. Over the rest of the fall and winter season I’ll be providing you with tips and tricks to help combat these not so much fun dry skin and hair side effects. First up a lip product!
My lips are the first things to descend into desert dryness when the weather gets cooler and the air gets drier. It even forces me to put away my favorite matte lipsticks in favor of things that offer more moisture. Then I discovered the newest edition to the Chapstick family: Hydration Lock. Chapstick brand lip balms are probably the first “beauty” product my mom let me try. Remember the cherry flavored ones? I used to think I was actually putting lipstick on when I had those. Hehehe.
Chapstick Hydration Lock
Chapstick Hydration Lock

Look at all these fancy claims on the packaging! Seems promising right? Well it is! These seriously can keep my lips hydrated throughout the workday with all that dry air pumping through the vents. I also like to use it at night so my ceiling fan doesn’t dry out my lips as well. And yes, I keep my ceiling fan on all year round. Even when it’s cold out. I think I like the white noise it provides. Go figure.

Chapstick Hydration Lock
Chapstick Hydration Lock

My favorite way to use these has been under my lip products. When I’m letting my moisturizer absorb in my skin before applying primer and starting my makeup I like to apply the Hydration Lock and let my lips absorb it for a while as well. Then when I’m done with my makeup I can put my lip color on right over this for an added boost of moisture. This balm works perfectly for that as it is not too greasy to the point that your lip color slides all over the place. It stays in place and my matte lips don’t dry my skin out. It helps me get back to matte-in’! ­čÖé

Chapstick Hydration Lock
Chapstick Hydration Lock

The only negatives I have about this are I wish it came in different flavors like maybe a mint (or cherry! haha). Also what is it about lip balms in general that they tend to disappear on you ALL THE TIME. It’s kind of like how the dryer eats socks. But that’s ok for me; I keep a sedentary one on my nightstand as well as one in my makeup bag in my purse.

These also retail for around $2.99. Great budget beauty buy!
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Disclosure: The ChapStick┬« product and information have been provided by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare.

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