Hey guys! Sorry it’s quiet on the home front here, but as I mentioned a few posts back I am in the process of moving my blog to self hosted WordPress which should be complete by the end of this week! I am super excited and p.s. yesterday marked my one year blogging anniversary here on BellBelleBella! It’s been a wild ride and I feel like I’ve grown so much over the past year. More to come on the celebrations for my blog and YouTube channel after I make the move to the new platform.

In the meantime were you aware that Shea Moisture, made popular by their hair and body products, now has a HUGE cosmetic line? It’s slowly trickling out to Target stores nationwide and I was lucky enough to find some in my local Target last week. Check out my haul video below, the collection is seriously amazing:

Thanks for bearing with me and I hope to be posting from my new space soon!
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Brittney B
10 years ago

All the targets I went to were WIPED OUT. I’ve got my eye on the powder and the primer. Hopefully I’ll get lucky next time.

And congrats on the wordpress move! I might pick your brain about it when you’re all done with it ­čśŤ

Brittney BellBelleBella

The first one I went to I thought it was wiped out but turns out they just hadn’t stocked the display yet. Thank you! The move is just about done!

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