So……I should stop pretending I’m still on this now. Can’t justify any of these purchases as limited edition…but I will qualify them as GREAT SALES. lol. Here’s what I got:

  1. Beauty Blender: I tried the $6 one from Marshall’s and it legit had holes in it after the first wash. No bueno. So I got the original at Sephora. It’s Chic Week so I was able to get it for 15% off which is not a lot but hey at least it’s something! I got this the extra day VIB’s (meaning you spend too much money at Sephora in a calendar year) had to shop before it was open to Beauty Insiders so I got the tote and a bunch of samples free. I haven’t dug too deep into the samples yet but there was something in there about foundations from Makeup Forever…for fair complexions so that’s a no go. And there was a sample of Smashbox BB Cream which I think is waaayy too light for me as well. There was a sample of Bumble and Bumble thickening shampoo and conditioner I believe….that’s a definite no go as my hair is beyond thick as well. Overall I think the VIB gift was great and the tote is much bigger this year. Besides who doesn’t love free stuff?
  2. Smashbox Studio Pop Eye Palette: this is a collection I believe was released for Holiday 2012. I found it at Nordstrom Rack for $24 and it said the original price was $49. Hooray for sales! I have never used Smashbox shadows so I thought this would be a great way to check them out. The colors are pretty awesome in this as well.
  3. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion: Decided to move on from my Sephora Eye Primer into greener pastures. Found this at Nordstrom Rack for $9. Sephora sells this one for $20.
  4. Nyx Butter Gloss in Maple Blondie – I was hearing so much about this on other blogs so I finally went to Ulta to get a couple of shades because most NYX products are 40% (which makes these glosses 2.99 I believe)….and there were only two shades left! I really want the Peach Cobbler shade but I got the Maple Blondie which is nice as well. It’s a very soft pink on me and it’s great for everyday.
  5. Nyx HD Studio Photogenic Primer – Haven’t really tried a face primer in a long time so I thought I’d check this out. I will say a little goes a long way and be careful with this if you have brown skin because this can go on ashy. Luckily I put my Maybelline BB Cream on after and the white cast went away.
  6. Nyx Matte Finish Setting Spray – I’ll try anything once and a matte setting spray sounds like something I can use. I usually turn into shine city in the spring and summer so we will see how this works! I think this is one of the products that’s not on the 40% off at Ulta. 
  7. Soap & Glory Righteous Butter Body Butter – this is just a mini purse sized one for $5. Weather is getting warmer and the last thing you want to do is be caught with dry skin! 
  8. Fresh Sugar Lychee Bath and Shower Gel – This was I think $18.50 which may be expensive to some people but not to me! I’ve been using Philosophy shower gels for years and years which are $16 and up. I thought I’d try something new and this smells so fresh and springy I couldn’t resist. I also love how the regular Sugar smells too. I may have found a new shower gel lover. Don’t tell my other shower gels. shhh. 
  9. Ardell Lashes  – these were 2 for $6 at Ulta…couldn’t pass this up! I don’t wear lashes often but it’s nice to have some around. The last time I wore them was on New Years and I plan on wearing them this weekend.

Beauty Haul!

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