If you’ve been in twitter the past two weeks and follow any beauty bloggers or MAC junkies then you’ve heard all the buzz about the MAC Fashion Sets collection 2013. The collection includes matching lipsticks, lipglasses, lip liners, eyeshadows, and nail polishes. The shades include Ablaze which is described as a “bright apricot cream”, Embrace Me which is a “bright fuchsia cream, Heroine (by far the most popular in this collection) which is a “bright violet/purple” and Silly which is a “bright pink cream”. All are matte lipsticks and all sets are current limited edition but there are rumors of Embrace Me becoming permanent.

I felt that Silly was a little too bright bright pink for my skin tone a la Nicki Minaj so I passed on that one. I also haven’t yet gotten into lip liners so I passed on those as well. As for the eyeshadows I’m having a love affair with Urban Decay at the moment so nothing really jumped out at me and said “buy me now”. The nail polishes are $15 and I honestly was not about to pay that much. Essie and OPI which I love are at the $9 price point so I will stick with that price point.

So I purchased things that I saw and immediately loved:

ABLAZE: Coral is a big color for spring and when I saw Ablaze I knew it had to be mine.

MAC Ablaze Lipstick and Lipglass

All of these lip pies are very pigmented and build-able which I like. If you lightly apply the lipstick it can appear one color and if you pile it on it appears another. So you can have a really intense coral lip or a subtle one which is awesome. This is the only shade where I felt like I needed the lipglass as well and here’s a picture of that:

MAC Ablaze Lipglass 

I have a feeling this will be my go to for Spring/Summer. So flattering!

HEROINE: I’ve never had a lipstick quite this purple before and I think I kind of love it!

MAC Heroine Lipstick

This is apparently a MAC fan cult classic as I saw women buying multiples of this shade at the counters. I originally did not purchase this shade (I got the rest of the products with the Nordstrom online presale) because it was so intense and I was not sure it was for me. I was scrolling through Instagram pictures on launch day and saw how pretty the shade was on girls similar to my skin tone and decided to go out and buy it. I wore it out on date night yesterday and felt so chic. Not my usual style but I’m glad I bought it. Check out my Instagram for pictures of me wearing Heroine.

EMBRACE ME: As I sat down to write this post I had déjà vu looking at this color which is a dainty hot pink; not too bright but not so subtle. This reminded me of the Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Hot Pink Rage I reviewed in this post.

MAC Embrace Me
Milani Hot Pink Rage on left and MAC Embrace Me on right

Upon further swatch (lol) Embrace Me is clearly more matte and has a bluish undertone compared to Hot Pink Rage which has a redder undertone. From reading around on other blogs I’ve heard this is the most dupable color in the collection so if you already have a hot pink you can skip out on this shade. Or get as many hot pink lipsticks as you want; I won’t judge! I don’t have a picture wearing this one yet but check back on my Instagram in a few days.

So that concludes my haul from the Fashion Sets Collection. Do you love it/hate it? Were you able to buy anything?

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Shang J.
11 years ago

Embrace Me is such a pretty colour! ♥

11 years ago
Reply to  Shang J.

I agree! It’s so perfect for all year round in my opinion

10 years ago

Just heard from MAC that Embrace Me is coming back this summer permanently! Plus new colors from the PRO stores!!!! #SummerXmas

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